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Daniel Grau - Reworks

Daniel Grau


OUT: 21 AUG 2015
Daniel Grau fully reworked!
ComixXx - Broken Connection feat. Pete Josef


Broken Connection feat. Pete Josef

OUT: 24 JUL 2015
After the long-awaited debut by ComixXx we get another stunning single release with remixes by Mooryc, Aanbreken & Kalipo.
Kasar - Walk On Remixed


Walk On Remixed

OUT: 17 JUL 2015
The selection of these reconstructors here at work couldn't have been more diverse and hence more thrilling.

New Merchandise

Various Artists - Jazzanova Cardboard Wallet Jazzanova Cardboard Wallet

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New In Store

ComixXx - The Great Escape
The Great Escape

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Jad & The Ladyboy - Never Come Back Down
Jad & The Ladyboy
Never Come Back Down

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Jah Wobble presents PJ Higgins - Chaingang (Remixes)
Jah Wobble presents PJ Higgins
Chaingang (Remixes)

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picture of the month

FRI 05 JUN 15
ComixXx released debut album "The Great Escape"
The album here now at hand has been in work for more than a year. Just enough time for Sebastian Damerius aka ComixXx to bring in fourteen tracks which complete in its build up his long-awaited solo album. For this cause he invited several guests to ...

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THU 07 MAY 15
Already charted on #3 of the German Club Charts!
The Australian DJ, producer and musician Jad Lee likes to have several irons in the fire all at the same time. For instance he's a member of Mitzi (along Charles Murdoch and Dominiqe Bird), one half of the pan-pacific Indiepop duo Twiggy Lashes and a ...

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TUE 14 APR 15
New reissue label.
Yes, the rumors are correct. We started a new reissue label, called "Notes On A Journey".

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FRI 20 MAR 15
Kasar releases improvisation album
Kasar about his improvisation album:
„Two years ago, when I pressed the record button and played these short piano improvisations, I really didn't expect that the music I played would bring me such a close and intimate connection to myself and to my home. I had once again begun to play on the piano I used to have as a child. There was something about this piano that had always bothered me in my childhood, or rather, stopped my ideas from developing how I wanted them to. It lacked a bass frequency here, a resonance there, or had something else I couldn't figure out. Now as an experienced musician and sound engineer I know what was going on: the sound chamber of the piano was too small and the room it was sitting in - the living room of my parents house with wooden walls, heavy carpet and bookshelves full of books - swallowed up the overtones and created a dull, expressionless sound. Maybe this is getting too specific, but it really bothered me in my youth! But, when I started that "Devil's Kitchen" recording session two years ago I found myself hugely inspired by the very same set of circumstances. The piano has a "practice" pedal, which when pressed, puts a felt cloth between the strings and hammers, and as a result makes it sound particularly poignant and quiet - like being under a warm blanket, close and intimate. So I recorded it exactly like this and consequently I found myself playing more carefully and with more delicately. After a couple of days I had the framework for a whole album. Eighteen months later it was released as "WALK ON" after elaborating on these piano recordings with additional electronics and vocals from my studio in Berlin.

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FRI 27 FEB 15
The third 12inch round of the Daniel Grau remix orgy.
This time Ray Mang, Soul Clap, Debonair and Trujillo together with Miguel Molina are in on it.
The Venezuelan six-piece combo Los Amigos Invisibles did re-record „ El León Bailarín” off
Grau's album by the same title from 1980 and the UK disco king Ray Mang hand-crafted a bass driven, dubfunky slammer out of it. That's the music the most beautiful girls in town want to wiggle their hips to.

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THU 12 FEB 15
Neve Naive releases new EP
It's been already about two years since their last album "The Innerpeace Of Cat & Bird". Since then, Neve Naive spent quite some time again in their studio and recorded a good deal of new material, so we get the 4-track EP at hand, “Thin Air ...

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August 2015

Thu 20.08.
Daniel Grau - Reworks
WAV Download Release

September 2015

Thu 03.09.
Kasar @ w / Roedelius
HdKdW, Berlin, Germany

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